smashley titsdale.
30 April 2016 @ 11:25 pm
and hey darling.  

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song: "whisperer" by versaemerge
smashley titsdale.
03 May 2015 @ 02:40 am
we were lit from the west.  
anamarie ยป
a twenty-five year old female from a ghost town in massachusetts, usa. possibly having a stint in vermont, usa. sometimes called ana, kas or rhia - dependent on where you know her from. formerly stranger at livejournal. she's single and bisexual, and not quite looking. pierced, tattooed and living a nomadic life. she loves music, gaming, photography, horror/gore films and crime shows. a secret passion for zombies and a love for cooking.

for contact details? click here, but so you know the post is locked.
song: "let the flames begin" by paramore